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Scissor-lift Dump Trailer Build Plans Released

January 20, 2022

Plans for building our new Scissor-lift Dump Trailer are now available for order.

Scissor-lift Dump Trailer

The dump trailer’s design includes the following features.

Testing the Scissor-lift Dump Trailer prototype

October 29, 2021

Lifting 3000 pounds of stone with a prototype of our upcoming dump-trailer design.

Prototype of the upcoming Scissor-lift Dump Trailer

October 15, 2021

The first video of our new dump trailer prototype.

This is our NEW DESIGN: a 40-by-78-inch dump cart!

We are calling it the “Scissor-lift Dump Trailer,” and it will come with the following features:

We’ll be adding more features to this design, not shown in the video. These will include:

How much can 800 psi lift on a pair of 2.5" bore cylinders? Stay tuned for some real-world weight lifting tests.

Photograph of the Scissor-lift Dump Trailer prototype, 7 Oct 2021

Closeup of the Scissor-lift Dump Trailer’s hydraulics, 7 Oct 2021

Rear view of the Scissor-lift Dump Trailer prototype, 8 0ct 2021

Building my second Pin-on Mini Payloader

October 2, 2020

Right now, I am building a second Pin-on Mini Payloader that should be ready for sale later this year. I’m also designing a small trailer for use around the yard that has a “walking beam” suspension. It has four wheels, hydraulic dump linkage and a carrying capacity of around 1000 pounds (450 kg).

Pin-on Mini Payloader Build Plans Released

July 9, 2020

The first customers building Pin-on Mini Payloaders are starting to send us pictures! Please send us some of yours, and we’ll post them to our Gallery of Pin-on Mini Payloaders.

Built by Gene H. from Palm, PA for his John Deere 318 - left side

Built by Gene H. from Palm, PA for his John Deere 318 - right side

Gene H. from Palm, PA — Pin-on Mini Payloader on a John Deere 318

Order Plans of a single loader, backhoe or log splitter plan or combination set of both loader and backhoe. There are ordering links for plans shipping WITHIN the U.S. and OUTSIDE the U.S.

  • Front-end Loader Build Plans: $60.00
  • Log Splitter Build Plans: $40.00
  • Micro Hoe Build Plans: $85.00
  • Pin-on Mini Payloader: $60.00
  • Scissor-lift Dump Trailer Build Plans: $70.00
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