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How much will it cost to build?

Micro Hoe

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Weight 350 pounds
Digging depth 5 1/2 feet
Reach 8 feet
Hydraulic stabilizer spread 7 1/2 feet
Boom swing 170 degrees
Bucket width 10 inches
Built in oil reservoir
Spin on oil strainer element
Proportioned hydraulics for simultaneous cylinder
movements without a pressure drop
Estimated cost to build: $1700
Front-end Loader

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Weight: 325 pounds
Lift capacity: well over 500 pounds
Lift height to level bucket: 73 inches
Bucket width: 42 to 54 inches
Bucket capacity: 0.21 to 0.27 cubic yards
Bucket roll down: 50 degrees at maximum lift
Built in oil reservoir
Spin on oil strainer element
Joystick control option
Estimated cost to build: $1200
Log Splitter

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Overall weight: 1000 lbs
Hydraulic Cylinder size: 4” or 5” bore x 24” stroke, 2” rod diameter, with clevis ends
Hydraulic pump: 13 or 16 Gallon Per Minute two-stage pump
Engine HP: 6.5
Oil reservoir: 14 gallons
Cylinder speed options: 5” bore cylinder @ 13 GPM = 10 seconds one-way
5” bore cylinder @ 16 GPM = 8 seconds one-way
4” bore cylinder @ 13 GPM = 6.5 seconds one-way
4” bore cylinder @ 16 GPM = 5 seconds one-way
Work table dimensions, with log lift: 34” wide by 72” long.
Estimated cost to build: $1500
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